Casa Studio. is a unique community-conscious pop up event focused on children's photography. We offer only a few very special sessions throughout the year and a percentage of the net income is donated to non-profit organizations that work with kids locally and around the globe.

Priscilla Gragg (founder) is a commercial and advertising photographer that has been in the business for over 15 years. Some of her clients include Gap, Nike, Apple, Old Navy, Nordstrom, Lucky Brand, Target, Abercrombie & Fitch, Milk Magazine, Harpers Bazaar Kids and more. She brings that energy, experience, knowledge and passion to the sessions at Casa Studio. along with an incredible team of creatives to support her to make it all happen.

Located in California, we host our events at beautiful bright studios in the San Francisco Bay Area.

List of Non-profit Organizations that Casa Studio has Donated to since 2016:

All are Welcome here!

Casa Studio is open to families of our BIPOC & Special Needs community that is experiencing financial strain or hardship and is in need of assistance. Each event will dedicate a few sessions at full or partial discounts. To apply, please click on button below. We require one application per child. Due to high demand and limited spots, we will ONLY be replying to the selected applicants (within ~24 hours). Thank you!

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